Products List
Worm Gear Box
Worm Geared Motor
Double Worm Geared Motor
Extruder Gearbox
Heli-Worm Gear Box / Heli-Worm Geared Motor
Helical Gear Box
Helical Geared Motor
Parallel Shaft Mounted
Helical Geared Motor
Parallel Shaft Helical Gearbox
Multiple Speed Changer Gearbox
Tube Mill Gearbox
Roll Forming Gearbox
Rolling Mill Gearbox
Leveler Gearbox / Steel Sheet Straightening Machine
Forming / Fin Pass / Sizing Gearbox
Linear Motion Gearbox / Screw Jack
Crane Duty Gear Box
Custom Built Gearboxes
Variable Worm Geared Motor
(Low Speed High Torque)
Hydrostatic Drives [ Under Development ]
Variable Double worm Geared Motor (Low Speed High Torque)
Mechanical Variable Speed Drives [P.I.V]
Variable Helical Geared Motor
(Low Speed High Torque)
Double Worm Reduction Gear Box
Profile Ground Gears
Heli-Bevel Gearbox / Heli-Bevel Geared Motor
Re Coiler and De Coiler Gearbox
Neutsche Filter Gear Box
Rebuilt of Gear Box
(Imported and Indian)
Timer Pulley
Girth Gear
Rack & Pinion
And many more Special Purpose Gearboxes
Tube Mill Gearbox
Ratio : Double side input and two output Shaft
Selection Chart
Working Principle
Salient Features
Mounting Dimensions